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Some poets tried. Intellectuals like Omar Khayyam found in wine a way to say greater things, naming its qualities: the amber color, the fruity perfume of red, the sensation of being alive to drink. And yet, both he and Baudelaire, as well as Hoffmann, such as Pivot, Pasteur or Borges and so many others who embarked on the adventure of trapping wine in concepts and measures, ended up surrendering to a rounded truth like certain reds: no matter how hard they tried, as in all knowledge, wine is as elusive as it is unembraceable.

They can be the atoms or the universe, the minimum and the maximum. No matter the approach or scale, the question of why we like wine remains closed like a good bottle. It is enough to open it to enter the world of conjecture and let oneself be led from the glasses towards intimate and irrefutable truths such as those that contain, like the hammer of the judge, a good click of the tongue.



Las Tierras de Javier Rodríguez

One of our Toro wines with more personality: a careful balance between the characteristic depth of the wines of this appellation and an unusual elegance that make this “village wine” one of our most outstanding novelties.

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