Reimbursement Policy

Our commitment
Madrid & Darracott is commited to favour the clients’ satisfaction, seeking the best solution for any unexpected event that might occur, provided the client to communicate it with enough anticipation.

Madrid & Darracott has a reimbursement policy for the services offered exclusively on this website, as well as the physical products acquired in the shop. To learn about the reimbursement policy of the products acquired in the shop (i.e, the wine bottles), please contact us by any of these means.

The services provided on this website are the following types of tastings (in brackets, the minimum number of participants required): Daily Tasting (2), Inside the Bottle (4), Vermouth Tasting (2), Premium Tasting (2), Whisky Tasting (2), Tasting at Home (4), Online Tasting, Private Tasting (4).

Regarding tastings, the client will be eligible to ask for a refund which, acording to the following scenarios, will consist of:

  • 100% of the cost of the chosen tasting, including all participants, when cancellation of such tasting is up to reasons of overbooking or underbooking, or voluntary cancellation on behalf of Madrid & Darracott.
  • 75% of the cost of the chosen tasting, including all participants, in the event of cancellation on behalf of the client 48 hours prior to the tasting, unless the client has arranged with Madrid & Darracott a different date and time for the tasting, in such case, no extra fees will be charged.
  • 50% of the cost of the chosen tasting, including all participants, in case the tasting is cancelled due to provable Force Majeure. According to the article 1105 of the Spanish Civil Law Code, Force Majeure cases are referred as to «events which cannot be foreseen or which, being foreseen, should be inevitable». For instance: if a participant books a tasting on a day in which a tornado sweeps away the city.
  • In no case the cost of the tasting will be refunded to those participants who, having previously booked and with no anticipation, do not show up in the store on the scheduled date and time, or to those participants who, having shown up late, attend partially to the development of the tasting, or in those cases in which the reservation is cancelled with 4 hours or less.

For the reimbursement conditions of the online store, please check our General Terms & Conditions.

Last updated: April 2nd, 2021