Vermut St. Petroni


Impossible to resist the taste of Vermut St. Petroni, a hybrid between white Albariño wine and pure vermouth, with 28 herbs and Padrón pepper.

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Category: Vermouth
Area of Production: Padrón
Grape variety/ies: Albariño
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Vermouth St. Petroni. This is a simply magnificent white vermouth and has become both one of our most popular sellers as well as a personal favourite. This vermouth uses a base wine of Albariño and is then macerated with 29 botanicals including wormwood and Padrón peppers. The resulting wine is herbal, not too sweet, spicy and citrusy. The palate is not too sweet, and also helps carry forward that delightful herbiness as well as allowing some of the character of the Albariño grape to shine through. With a slice of lemon and some ice this is truly divine.


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