Quinta de Aves Syrah


Quinta de Aves Syrah is a 100% Syrah red wine from Bodega Quinta de Aves, which comes from Vino de la Tierra de Castilla and the subzone Campo de Calatrava.

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Category: Red Wine
Area of Production: Campo de Calatrava, VT Castilla
Grape variety/ies: Syrah

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Quinta de Aves Syrah. A fascinating 100% Syrah red wine from a fascinating area. This wine comes from Vino de la Tierra de Castilla and the unofficial subzone ‘Campo de Calatrava’ and Bodega Quinta de Aves winery. There are ancient blown out volcanoes here, so the area has been dubbed “the Land of Volcanoes”. Cool marketing aside, what we have here is a delicious smooth, velvety 100% Syrah that has only been kissed by oak. The nose is all fresh mature red fruits with a wonderful earth, balsamic backdrop.


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