Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need any prior knowledge. Our tastings are designed for everyone, so if you don’t know anything about wine, don’t worry. You will end up having a lot of knowledge about wine and how to taste and enjoy it more.

We call “wine tastings” the recurring wine tastings that take place every day in our shop. We have different kinds of tastings (Daily Tasting, Vermouth Tasting, Premium Tasting), with different hours. See tastings.

We call “events” those wine events that only take place once, on a particular day at a particular time, such as themed wine tastings, which we call “Inside the Bottle”. See events.

We call “experiences” those activities that involve much more than a simple wine tasting and that awaken several senses at the same time: visits to wineries, gastronomic experiences, visits to museums… See experiences.

As a general rule, wine tastings do not include food except for some crackers that help cleanse the palate between wines. When a wine tasting includes food, it is usually called “food and wine pairing”. We have a tasting that pairs tapas and snacks with wine. This is our premium tasting and you can book it here.

The legal age to drink in Spain is 18 years old. Even if in your country it’s a different age, remember that you are in Spain and under Spanish jurisdiction, so the minimum legal drinking age is 18.

As a general rule our tastings are not blind. You will see which wines you are drinking and we will also talk about them. When we do blind tastings we usually specify it expressly.

The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is completely discouraged.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that if you suspect you are pregnant you do not consume alcohol in any way. However, our wine tasting rooms have a spitting box where you can spit the wine and not drink it, so you can enjoy the tasting and all the knowledge without drinking the wine.

Please let us know if you are pregnant before starting a tasting so that we can take it into account.

The consumption of alcohol under the age of 18 is totally prohibited in Spain. However, you can bring your underage guests to the wine tasting. Unfortunately, they will not be able to drink but if you tell us in advance we can prepare some soft drinks for them.

The permitted alcohol rate in Spain is 0.25 mg/l in exhaled air or 0.5 g/l of blood alcohol in normal drivers and cyclists. New drivers rate is 0.15 mg/l in exhaled air and 0.3 g/l of blood alcohol.

In our tastings there is a spittoon where you can spit out the wine and not drink it, so that you can enjoy the tasting and its content without the alcohol affecting you.

It is possible to organize private tastings in our shop, you only have to tell us in advance so that we can inform you about the availability and prices that vary depending on the number of people who will attend the tasting. Contact us so that we can inform you.

Of course, if your tasting is private you can let us know which wines you wish to taste or if you want us to talk about a particular subject. Send us your suggestion so that we can design a budget according to the number of people who will attend the event or the number wines you might like to taste.

Almost always the wines we offer in our wine tasting sessions are available in the shop so that the participants of the tasting can buy them. On some occasions we have tasted some wine that was not available in the shop but we almost always have a similar wine to choose.

Click here to see all the possibilities you have for getting to our shop. We are located a few meters from the Plaza Mayor in the historical center of the city so it will be very easy for you to get there.

Remember that Madrid is a very walkable city and that probably if you are located in some hotel or apartment in the centre it will not take you long to get to our store on foot.

Technically yes. On many occasions our tastings have been reserved for only one person and we can do it without any problem.

However, if there is a larger group in the previous or subsequent sessions, we usually invite our guests to join a group with more people, as these are more fun tastings and it is a great opportunity to meet more people in Madrid.

Unfortunately, in our shop we only sell wine and only taste wine unless otherwise specified.