Hello, wine lovers! Doesn’t summer have a special flavour? A flavour of long, warm days, laughter with friends, sunsets on the terrace and, of course, good wine. Yes, you read that right, good wine. Because, even though summer invites us to cool down with a cold beer or an exotic cocktail, we are firm believers that wine is for all year round. And who can resist a glass of wine outdoors, whether on a terrace overlooking the sea, at a barbecue with friends, or simply enjoying the tranquility of our own home?

But, did you know that not all wines are suitable for the summer heat? Just as we adapt our diet and our wardrobe to high temperatures, we should also do so with our wine. That’s why we want to introduce you to some of our favourite wines for this 2023 season, all available in our shop on Calle Conde de Romanones 2 in Madrid, and give you some tips for enjoying wine in summer.

It’s time to feel a bit like Russell Crowe in “A Good Year”, that 2006 film where the protagonist rediscovers both himself and love in a vineyard in Provence, while enjoying the wines of the region. Madrid is not Provence, obviously, but to make it feel a bit like it, we have our little corner at Madrid & Darracott, where we can offer you a selection of perfect wines for summer, and we also invite you to enjoy them at our new tasting bar. And what exactly is a tasting bar? Well, it’s the space in our shop where you can try our wines by the glass, discover new flavours and learn a little more about this wonderful world. But no, we’re not a bar. We’re a wine shop with a ‘tasting bar’, where wine is the star and where we want to share our passion for it with you.

White and Rosé Wines

When the sun is shining brightly and temperatures are rising, our palates cry out for something refreshing and light. This is where white and rosé wines become the undisputed kings of summer. Why? Well, these wines are known for their freshness, their lightness and their ability to be served cold, which makes them the perfect choice to combat the summer heat.

White wine, with its crisp acidity and fresh fruit flavours, is like a summer breeze in a bottle. And rosé wine, with its beautiful pink colour and red fruit flavours, is like a summer sunset in a glass. Both are incredibly versatile and can accompany a wide variety of summer foods, from fresh salads to grilled seafood.

One of our favourite white wines for summer is Noelia Bebelia, an Albariño from Galicia that is a real best-seller. With its fresh, fruity flavour and long, mineral finish, it’s the perfect companion for a summer afternoon.

But this year, the Txakoli, a typical white wine from the Basque Country, has come on strong. Our HIKA Txakoli, available in both white and rosé versions, is a real delight on the palate. With its refreshing acidity and slight touch of bubbles, it’s like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day.

And when we talk about wines that taste like summer, we can’t forget the Canary Islands. Our volcanic Malvasia from Bermejo is a white wine with a mineral touch that reminds you of the region’s volcanoes. It’s an extraordinary wine that will transport you to the beaches of the Canaries with every sip.

Plus, we have great news for lovers of sparkling wines: we’ve brought back the sparkling wine from Bermejo! This wine, which was a hit last August, has returned to brighten our summers.

Sparkling Wines

When we think of wines for summer, sparkling wines are undoubtedly an option that cannot be missed. Their bubbling freshness adds a festive touch to any occasion, turning an ordinary day into a celebration. This year, at Madrid & Darracott, we have a sparkling wine that has won over our customers’ palates: Izar Leku.

The Izar Leku is more than a sparkling wine; it’s a revolution in the world of wine. This wine is the result of a new project by Artadi, a winery known for its innovation and commitment to quality. And boy, have they hit the mark with this wine.

What makes Izar Leku special is its grape: the Hondarrabi Zuri. This is the grape used to make Txakoli. But in Izar Leku, the Hondarrabi Zuri transforms. Through a second fermentation, this grape acquires the freshness of carbonic acid, becoming a sparkling wine that is pure magic.

We discovered Izar Leku a year ago, and since then, it never ceases to amaze us. Bottle after bottle, this wine shows us its unique character and its ability to brighten any moment. It has the essence of Txakoli, with its acidity and citrus and green fruit flavours, but adds the bubbles and freshness of the best sparkling wines.

So, if this summer you want to toast with a wine that is pure party spirit, come to Madrid & Darracott and discover Izar Leku. We’re sure that, just like us, it will win you over from the first sip.

Red Wines

Often, when we think of wines for summer, reds are not the first ones that come to mind. However, there are some red wines that are perfect for enjoying during the warmer months. These wines are light, fruity and, when served a little cooler than usual, can be a delight on the palate.

An example of these wines is 30,000 maravedíes from Bodegas Marañones, a wine from the DO Madrid that is a real gem. At Bodegas Marañones, they mainly use Madrid Garnacha, a variety that in the San Martín de Valdeiglesias area acquires a light and subtle character, but with an explosion of flavour that leaves no one indifferent. Although they are lighter wines, perfect for this time of year, they are still great reds capable of accompanying any dish.

In addition, at Madrid & Darracott we have brought some wines from winemaker Pablo Vidal that are ideal for summer. One of them is El Maldito, a wine from Valdeorras that is a real delight. Also very interesting is The Flower and the Bee, a Sousón from Ribeiro that will surprise you with its freshness and red fruit flavour.

And to finish our tour of summer red wines, we can’t forget the Mediterranean. Óscar Mestre, a young winemaker who promises to give many surprises in the coming years, brings us Renaix de Giró. This wine is made with the Giró grape, a minority variety in the Levante area of Alicante that Óscar is recovering. The result is a fresh and fruity red wine, perfect for enjoying on a summer night.

Orange Wines

If this summer you’re looking for a unique wine experience, we invite you to discover orange wines. These wines, which have gained popularity in recent years, offer a sensory experience different from that of white, rosé or red wines.

But, what exactly are orange wines? These wines are made from white grapes, but, unlike white wines, during their fermentation the grape skins are left in contact with the must. This process, known as maceration, is what gives these wines their characteristic orange colour and unique flavour, more intense and with more body than a white wine.

Although many orange wines are made following natural methods, not all are necessarily natural wines. What really defines an orange wine is its production process, not the type of agriculture used.

As for serving temperature, orange wines should be served a little cooler than reds, but not as cold as whites. A temperature between 12 and 14 degrees is ideal to enjoy all their characteristics.

At Madrid & Darracott, we have two orange wines that we recommend for this summer: Luis XIV and Anima Mundi PELLS from Agustí Torelló Roca. Both wines come from the Mediterranean and are the result of the passion and work of winemakers who dare to experiment and create unique wines.

The Luis XIV is a wine that will surprise you with its intensity and complexity. And the PELLS, made by Agustí Torelló Roca, a winemaker very dear to our shop, is a wine that will win you over with its freshness and elegance. In addition, from Agustí Torelló Roca, we also have other wines that are perfect for summer, such as the Camí del Xops, an ancestral sparkling wine, and the AT Roca Reserva, which you can now enjoy by the glass in our shop.

So now you know, this summer, dare to discover orange wines. We await you at Madrid & Darracott to help you find the perfect orange wine for you. Cheers!

Tips for Drinking Wine in Summer

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a good glass of wine outdoors. However, the heat can be a challenge when it comes to keeping the wine at the right temperature. Here are some tips so you can enjoy your favourite wines to the fullest during the hottest months of the year.

1. Serve at the correct temperature: The temperature at which wine is served can greatly affect its taste. White, rosé and sparkling wines should be served cold, but not frozen. A temperature between 8 and 10 degrees is ideal for these wines. On the other hand, light red wines, which are perfect for summer, can be served a little cooler than usual, between 12 and 16 degrees. Serving the wine at the correct temperature will enhance its flavours and allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.

2. Keep the wine cool: If you’re enjoying your wine outdoors, it’s important to keep it at the right temperature. An ice bucket can be a great ally to keep your wine cool for longer. Remember, heat can alter the taste of wine, so it’s important to prevent it from getting too hot.

3. Hydrate: Although wine is delicious, we must not forget the importance of staying hydrated, especially during the hot summer days. Make sure to also drink water while you enjoy your wine. This will help you maintain hydration and enjoy your wine even more.

4. Enjoy in moderation: Wine is made to enjoy, but always in moderation. Remember, quality is always better than quantity. Enjoy each sip, appreciate the flavours and aromas of the wine and make each glass a unique experience.

So now you know, this summer, don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying a good glass of wine. At Madrid & Darracott, on Conde de Romanones 2, we await you with open arms and glasses ready to help you discover the best wines to enjoy in summer. We look forward to seeing you!


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