Let’s not fool ourselves: it has been a very difficult year for all of us. Lockdown, contagions, loss of loved ones, work problems, unemployment, distancing from our friends…. Everyone has gone through their own particular via crucis. But life will prevail, and we will get through it.

We want to invoke the good energy that we all need by doing what we do best: offering the best wines at the best prices; and this year it is really deserved. Several boxes of different types to cover all yours needs. Boxes to remind us that we will always have an excuse to raise a glass, and which are the best way to come together again once again with those loved ones, many of whom we haven’t seen for months. Do you want to learn more about our boxes? Here they are:

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Summer Survival Kit

Whether you are a gourmet or not, with this varied box you will succeed in any situation. Contains these wines:

  • Trénel Crémant de Bourgogne Brut: This French sparkling wine is a great unknown in Spain, but a bomb of flavor and sensations in its native France. Banana, vanilla, cereals… The essence of France fits in this bottle.
  • Vermouth Padró & Co. Rojo Clásico: The word “classic” defines it perfectly. One of those vermouths that will delight you. And remember: lemon twist, and down the gullet!
  • Nicte Prieto Picudo: A fresh and electric rosé made from one of Spain’s minority grapes, Prieto Picudo, try it and let us know!
  • A Coroa Godello: If, as they say, “there is no bad Godello”, in the case of A Coroa Godello, we are talking about one of the best white wines in Spain. We encourage you to try several Godellos and compare them with this A Coroa, a triumphant wine at any table!
  • Los Arráez Malvasía: Another minority grape, Malvasia. Everything the Los Arráez guys touch turns to gold, and this bottle will be one of your favorites before you even uncork it.
  • De los Abuelos Viñas Centenarias: El Bierzo is the region where cocido maragato is born, a dish that cries out for a good wine. The Mencía grape, which here is full of red fruit aromas and essences, is perfect for such a great dish, so imagine how well it can combine with meats and sausages.

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We could have called this box “tha Carnaca bax”, but so many “a’s” made us seem possessed by the spirit of Bandarra’s description. But yes, this box stands out for its three reds, perfect for barbecues, among others:

  • Gramona La Cuveé: One of the most popular sparkling wines, and undoubtedly, our best-seller.
  • Alceño Fermentado en Barrica Sauvignon Blanc: Few white wines are as elegant as this one. It is not usual for a white wine to be fermented in barrel, but the guys at Alceño are experts in experimenting and delighting..
  • Ventua Rosado: Again from El Bierzo, a rosé that is advancing by leaps and bounds to become the top student in its class. Bragging note: pronounce it “VÉntua” while pouring glasses for your guests..
  • Melquíades: This wine is very difficult to find, with a reduced circulation, but we have loved it. Made by Esteban Celemín, a winemaker who puts organic wines before any pre-established convention in the winemaking process.
  • Losada: Another classic in our store. A Bierzo (can you tell we like Bierzos?) that is easy to drink and sets its own rules as soon as you drink it (we recommend that you save some time for a nap afterwards).
  • Vara y Pulgar: Wine from Cadiz. Cádiz is sun, and sun is body in wine. You can imagine that it is an alcoholic wine (13.5 degrees). Enjoy it as the jewel of the Atlantic that it is.

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Swimming Pool Box

Pools are like magazines at the dentist: you always end up diving into them. And since we know that in the end pool time lasts until the sun goes down, or even beyond, with this box you will be able to make the best snacks-lunch-dinner-breakfasts.

  • Vermut Zecchini Bianco: Our most exclusive vermouth (with Astobiza‘s permission), a real locomotive of nuances. When you serve it to your friends, the most repeated phrase will be, “Can I have a little more?”
  • Aperol: This is the most typical aperitif drink in Italy. And it’s been just reading “Italy” and you’re already reading the rest of this review with an accent, even waving your hand in the air. Recognize it, you’re dying to drink it!
  • Cinzano Pro-Spritz: It includes two. Why? Because two are better than one, and because two bottles will be enough to make the perfect mix with your bottle of Aperol from this very box (yes, the one you read with an Italian accent).
  • Croft Twist: Is it a sparkling wine? Is it a sweet wine? No, it’s Croft Twist! An inimitable, fresh drink with fine bubbles, the taste of which we won’t spoil you. We also include two bottles (we know it’s going to run out quickly as soon as you pour it).

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Summer Bubbles Box

Don’t you think it’s funny that “glú, glú” is used to express the sound of drinking and bubbling? With this nonsense, you won’t be able to forget this box, full of bubbles of very different origins. Let’s get into it:

  • Croft Twist: There is little more to say about this drink that we love so much, but we still don’t want to spoil its taste!
  • Trénel Crémant de Bourgogne Brut: We have also talked about this sparkling wine. Pure French Burgundy, the country specializing in sparkling wines.
  • AT Roca Anima Mundi Camí dels Xops: For the one who writes this (and who will probably get fired for such a rant…. By the way, hello, Mom!), it is my favorite sparkling wine in the whole store. Made with the ancestral method, under the new Corpinnat brand, created to break free from certain conventions of other sparkling D.O.s. And they nailed it!
  • Llopart Microcosmos Rosé Brut Nature: A Corpinnat sparkling wine that is also rosé. Llopart does everything well, so don’t even think twice.
  • Lumen Brut Reserva Rioja: A sparkling wine from Rioja? Yes, and it is also delicious. Rioja wants it all: to be a D.O.Ca., to be the first wine you’re offered in any restaurant, and now, to be a benchmark in sparkling wines. There is still time for that, but wait for it.
  • Cava Sutra Brut: A sparkling wine from the D.O. Cava (by the way, remember that saying “Cava” when you mean “Sparkling” is like saying “Athletics” when you mean “Olympic Games”) that just because of the name, they won’t stop asking you for more, and more, and more… Ahem.

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The summer is getting hot, but we hope that these wine boxes will make the heat more bearable for you. We have thought of these special offers for you, because you deserve to enjoy and rest a little, after a crazy year, so come and enjoy life, we provide the wines!


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