The heat calls for light, fresh and fruity wines, and that is why rosé wine now makes its stellar entrance. It can be consumed at an average temperature of 10ºC for meats and colder, at about 5ºC, it is perfect to accompany salads, light pasta, paella and fish.

Actually, it’s never a bad time to taste it. In some areas of the world they are ahead of us and rosé wine is acclaimed in the exclusive environments of the French Côte d’Azur for its Provençal air. It is also widespread in the capital of the United States and the Florida area. Here it is explored in the Balearic Islands, which are very popular with tourists in summer, and it is perfect for that drink among friends at any time. The summer hours allow you to enjoy a good rosé almost always.

In Spain, it is produced mainly in Cigales and Navarre and is gaining followers among the youngest, who no longer get carried away by those prejudices about colour related to gender. In fact, it is as obvious that pink is not for girls as it is for anyone to appreciate a red or a white.

In addition, because of its lightness it’s more drinkable, so it is a great initiation for those palates not used to strong taste. The rosé wine arrives with a vocation to make a gap between natural sparkling, white, red and sweet and its ritual is similar to that of champagne environments.

Its bad reputation until recently is quite unfair and is often the result of ignorance, since its pink color, less powerful than red, does not derive from a worse quality. Quite the contrary. In order to achieve that well appreciated tone, between salmon and “onion skin”, very high quality red grapes with light maceration must be used in the production process. After pressing, the grapes are bled, and the more diluted colour is due to the reduced contact with the lees and solids. So the must comes into contact with the red grapes during fermentation; but for a shorter period of time than in the case of red. It is advisable not to confuse rosé with claret; which, on the other hand, does mix red and white.

To celebrate the World Rosé Wine Day, which takes place every June 8, we decided to design a box of rosé wines for you to enjoy during these hot days. The elegant Aurora Rosé, designed by the Juvé Camps family, the romantic 7L Rosado de una Noche from Cigales, the delicate Óbalo Rosé from Rioja, the striking Sonrojo from Navarra 100% Garnacha, the Jumenta Rosé 100% Pinot Noir from Almansa and finally the 3 Calas Rosado from Jumilla, a blend of Monastrell and Garnacha.

We also have among our expert selection the Aurora Rosado in the BBQ Box, very suitable for this stage of reduced meetings in outdoor environments; or the Roselito in the Summer Box, so suitable for the coming months; as well as the Flor Itura Rosado in the Confinement Box #2 Don’t miss anything! If you want to choose the one you like best, do not hesitate to consult us and come to try them out with us.

Long live the pink.


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